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BLM Supporter Kills Three in Mass Shooting at Retired Cop's Bar -- Police


Three bar patrons were shot and killed in a random, brutal, unprovoked attack when a man walked into a Kentucky bar patio and opened fire indiscriminately, shooting customers at point blank range, it has been alleged.

On Friday night at a Bungalow Joe’s, a bar owned by a retired police officer, a man wearing a Breonna Taylor t-shirt, smiling, shot and killed three random patrons in what Louisville Police are investigating as part of a triple homicide.

Louisville Police were called out to the triple shooting at around 11.30 p.m. to reports of gunshots. The suspect was discovered hiding in a ditch across the street from the premises within less than 30 minutes after being called to the scene.

Police arrested 33-year-old Michael Rhynes on murder charges as two men died at the scene and another in hospital after succumbing to his wounds. When Rhynes was arrested, he was captured wearing a Breonna Taylor t-shirt and cracking a wide smile.

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Screen shots from the Gateway Pundit reveal the owner’s public retelling of events.

According to WHAS11: “the Jefferson County Coroner’s Office has identified all three of the victims as 24-year-old Steven Head, 26-year-old Toreon Hudson and 48-year-old William Smallwood. All three men were Louisville residents.”

“A sick deranged individual decided he was going to take three people’s lives,” bar owner Joe Bishop said.

“A person walked across the street, looked in my patio walked around the patio, came up to this table right here, and indiscriminately shot three of my customers,” Bishop said according to Wave3. “One of which was my manager’s fiancé.”

Bishop revealed that he spent much of yesterday morning attempting to remove bloodstains from his establishment’s floors.

“Toreon was a regular up here and he was one of the most well-liked customers that we ever had,” Bishop said. “And of course Scott, I didn’t know the other young guy but Scott was the very first customer I had at my place.”

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Employees who witnessed the murder take place will be offered counseling to recover from the trauma.

On GoFundMe crowdfunding accounts have been set up for the families of the victims. A separate account was set up for Hudson, who leaves behind a young daughter.

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