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BIDEN'S AMERICA: Illegal Immigrants Frantically Call Texas Police, Say They're Being Smuggled In Tanker With No Oxygen


Illegal immigrants being smuggled into the United States by human traffickers in Texas called the police to beg for help after they were trapped in the back of a tanker, ostensibly attached to a semi truck, without food or water, and were quickly running out of air.

According to Wave 3 News, “State and federal authorities are searching for a tractor-trailer in Texas that may be smuggling about 80 undocumented immigrants, and some of them may already be dead.”

In the 911 call, the speaker tells the operator, in Spanish, “We can’t see anything, God, we don’t have oxygen.” The operator was able to confirm the man was in a tanker, and on the highway, as he told the operator, “I hear the cars.”

“A white tanker,” the man told the 911 operator. “We are like 80 people.”

As the operator tried to ask for more information that may be helpful in identifying the tanker, the man seemed to begin panicking. He also stated they did not know the identity of the human traffickers driving the tanker.

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“Help! Holy be God, help!” the man screamed right before the call was disconnected.

Police are still actively pursuing the vehicle with the few clues they have located. Police warn that human traffickers are likely to have no sympathy for their clients, who are more often than not victims.

“I bet a lot of money that if the smugglers do encounter somebody in the back of that trailer that is very, very ill as a result of the conditions they were exposed to or even dead, they’re not going to do the right thing,” Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar said. “They’re going to dump a body or they’re going to abandon somebody at a hospital maybe. They’re certainly not going to do the right thing, and so we’re letting our deputies know to be on the lookout for anything.”

The Biden administration has already seen waves of illegal immigrants making their way to the United States after Biden initially promised to freeze deportations for the first 100 days of his administration. This move was blocked by a Trump-appointed judge in Texas, but apparently not before these new waves of illegal immigrants began making their way toward the United States.

The rush for the United States border began even before Biden was inaugurated. National File reported:

US Customs & Border Patrol (CBP) agents are reporting a wave of illegal immigration at the southwest border. Officials said Thursday that the numbers have increased 21 percent over the last month alone.

Acting CPB Commissioner Mark Morgan said Mexico’s deteriorating economy – and economy drastically affected by COVID shutdowns and drug cartel violence – is largely responsible for the uptick of illegal crossings.

But he also cited the “perceived and/or anticipated shifts in policies” here in the United States if, in fact, the 2020 presidential election ultimately finds Democrat Joe Biden being president.

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If you are victim to human trafficking, or may be able to assist law enforcement by providing information, call the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-888-373-7888

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