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Cullen McCue is a 24-years-old conservative who was born in Havertown, PA and now live in Philadelphia. He started Reality Circuit in August, 2017, which provides an alternative to left-wing sports outlets.

PA GOP Co-Chair Dick Stewart Blocked Teddy Daniels from Speaking at Candidate Event

America First candidate Teddy Daniels was not allowed to speak at the Pennsylvania GOP Committee Central Caucus despite having a time slot booked, central caucus co-chair Richard Stewart confirmed to […]

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NEA Urged Social Media Companies To Remove Anti-CRT 'Propaganda', Called Concerned Parents 'Radicalized'

In October, the National Education Association (NEA) sent a letter to social media giants urging them to take action against “propaganda” about critical race theory which they claim had stoked […]

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270 Doctors Sign Letter Demanding Spotify Censor Joe Rogan For 'COVID Missinformation'

More than 200 doctors and scientists have signed a petition demanding Spotify to take action against “COVID misinformation” on its platform. The petition directly mentions its most popular podcast, the […]

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Army Increases Maximum Sign-On Bonus To $50,000 As It Struggles To Find Recruits

New recruits who enlist in certain specialist roles for six years will be offered up to $50,000 in sign-on bonuses, Army Recruiting Command said on Wednesday. Army sign-on bonuses were […]

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Supreme Court Blocks Biden's Vaccine Mandate For Businesses, Allows Mandate For Healthcare Workers

The Supreme Court on Thursday blocked the Biden administration’s order requiring businesses with 100 or more employees to ensure that workers receive a COVID vaccine or wear masks and submit […]

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Quebec To Impose 'Health Tax' On Unvaccinated Citizens

Quebec is announcing that it will impose a “health tax” on citizens who refuse to be injected with a COVID-19 vaccine. Quebec Premier François Legault made the announcement in Montreal […]

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