POLICE: Armed Robber Jonqurious Kindel Arrested After Leaving Unlocked iPhone On Store Counter


An armed robber from Atlanta was apprehended after police say he left his unlocked iPhone full of selfies and incriminating information the counter of the last store he robbed.

Future astronaut Jonqorious Kindel, 17, participated in the armed heist of the Pit Stop convenience store in Peachtree City, Georgia on  March 28.

Kindel and another unidentified man wore surgical masks over their faces and used a handgun to abscond with over $1,000 worth and cash and cigarettes.

Amidst the chaos, police say Kindel left his unlocked iPhone, which was filled with cringeworthy selfies of Kindel without the surgical mask and incriminating evidence of past crimes, on the store counter.

Via Fox 5 Atlanta:

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Police say the men locked the door and pulled a handgun. Then they started ordering the clerk around, taking cash from the register and cigarettes, a lot of cigarettes, about $1,000 worth.

The man holding the gun made a mistake. He set his iPhone on the counter and left it. From that unlocked phone, police say they were able to identify 17-year-old Jonqurious Kindel of Atlanta.  He apparently snapped a selfie just before the robbery in which police say he was wearing the same black surgical mask with a white star on it.

Police say Kindel was already wanted for armed robbery in metro Atlanta. Peachtree City police have now taken out warrants as well.
Fox 5’s full report on the story can be seen below.

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