Arizona's Wendy Rogers Brings Election Integrity Tour to Ohio


Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers is set to join Ohio’s Senate candidate Josh Mandel next week, bringing her national election integrity tour to the Midwest.

Rogers, well known for her fight for election integrity in Arizona, has been touring the country with various rallies to push the issue to the forefront of the agenda for 2022.  Josh Mandel, who was the first statewide official in Ohio to support President Trump, and is now running for Senate in the state, tweeted that he was “proud” to announce that Rogers would be joining him to continue the fight for election integrity next week. Rogers was equally enthusiastic in a follow-up tweet.

Jenna Ellis, the former senior advisor and legal counsel for President Trump, described the planned rally with Rogers and Mandel in Ohio as “awesome” on Twitter. Ellis, along with former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, was at the forefront for the fight for election integrity following the presidential election in November last year, bringing forth various lawsuits and speaking at hearings across states, including Arizona and Pennsylvania.

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Rogers’s election integrity tour follows the creation of the Election Integrity Caucus, which consists of legislators from all 50 states across the Union. In a tweet earlier this month announcing its formation, she compared its significance to the Continental Congress, the legislative body during the time of the American Revolution which drafted the Declaration of Independence. “We will meet regularly and we will talk regularly to implement the securing our elections,” Rogers added.

The Arizona State Senator spoke last week in Pennsylvania, standing alongside America First congressional candidate Teddy Daniels and Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano, demanding a Maricopa-style audit in the state. “We’re not just doing this for 2022, we need to find out what happened in 2020,” she announced to cheers from the crowd. “This is now a package-able, exportable, excellent, the best ever combination of technical expertise now. We have the blueprint.”

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