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Massie Questions Whether Wisconsin Governor Is Attempting To 'Influence Jury' In Rittenhouse Trial Using National Guard


Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) questioned the Governor of Wisconsin’s decision to activate National Guard troops ahead of the jury decision in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.

While most elected Republican officials have largely remained silent on the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, Rep. Thomas Massie questioned the Wisconsin Governor’s decision to activate 500 National Guardsmen ahead of the jury’s verdict in the trial of Kenosha teen.

The congressman suggested the possibility that the troops were activated to make the jury feel as if violence would occur if they did not find him guilty.

“Were the National Guardsmen activated by the Governor in Kenosha to try and influence the jury by making the jurors think a not-guilty verdict will result in violence?” Rep. Massie tweeted on Wednesday morning. “It’s my sincere hope the jury will issue a verdict based solely on the evidence as presented in this trial.”

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It had been previously reported that ensuing protests outside of the court building in Kenosha could be heard from inside, where the jury was deliberating over the fate of Rittenhouse, who if found guilty could be facing life in prison.

Rumors that the jury’s verdict has been on hold due to members’ supposed fear of public backlash, doxing, and the potential for responding violence have been reported. This comes as antifa members have called for violence in the city of Kenosha if the verdict reached by the jury is one they don’t like.

Today when considering whether to allow the jury to review specific evidence multiple times, Judge Bruce Schroeder made several statements about the media’s handling of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, and admitted that the media’s belligerent framing of the case has led him to reconsider whether he will allow future trials to be televised, National File previously reported.

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