'HIV+' Woman Reads Out List of Partners She Claimed to Have Infected


A Georgia woman, Brandi Yakeima Lasiter, in a shocking video, reels off a list of former paramours on a Facebook Live feed, who were potentially infected with HIV after–presumably–having unprotected intercourse.

The men, from Americus, who were named in the video had apparently wronged her.

In the video, goes on a expletive-laden rant telling how she’s an ‘evil motherf****r,’ getting ‘real nasty evil’ and ‘evil as hell.’

The woman also gloats about how the partners she potentially infected may have passed on the virus to other people.

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The woman smiles and laughs throughout the video, contemplating the fate of those she potentially infected.

However, as it transpires, Lasiter claims to be HIV negative, pointing to a year-old test that proved her to be free of the virus.

Lasiter voluntarily gave a police blood test.

The police blood test proved Lasiter to be HIV negative, but she was charged with a misdemeanor count of making harassing communications, according to 11Alive.

In the state of Georgia, according to Code 16-5-60, it is illegal to knowingly transmit the virus.

The knowing transmission of HIV has entered the news cycle recently.

Yesterday, Vox Magazine argued that criminalizing knowing transmission may alienate those who suffer from the virus.

California attracted negative press after the knowing transmission of HIV was downgraded from a felony to a misdemeanor.

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In spite of this, twenty-six states still criminalize the passage of the disease.

The disease can have life-changing consequences, and much stigma still surrounds those who carry HIV.




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