Far Left Democrat Dark Money Groups Want To Destroy Trump's Legacy By Packing Supreme Court


Far-Left dark money groups have banded together to utilize the power of anonymous, deep-pocket donors to both pressure the Biden administration and mislead the public on the need to radically expand and augment the federal judiciary, including the packing of courts.

The effort is called “Unrig the Courts.” It is led by former Obama-ite Aaron Belkin and it is fueled by a confederacy of eight far-Left groups: Demand Justice, Take Back the Courts, People’s Parity Project, 51 for 51, Demos Action, Indivisible, Just Democracy Coalition, and Stand-Up America.

Belkin rebranded his failed Take Back the Courts and Pack the Courts efforts into Unrig the Courts, bringing the dark money eight into collusion.

The common mission that binds these eight neo-Progressive groups together is to lobby for the addition of seats to the US Supreme Court, to impose term limits on its justices, to expand the lower courts, and to create “improved ethics and transparency requirements.”

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The most recognizable organization of the group, Demand Justice, is led by former Hillary Clinton aide Brian Fallon.

Fallon’s group is a project of the Sixteen Thirty Fund, a Progressive dark money financial benefactor managed by the hyper-Progressive DC-based consulting firm Arabella Advisors.

Arabella Advisors arm-twisted $715 million for Progressive and Democrat groups, candidates, and causes in 2019.

While polling proves that the American public overwhelmingly opposes court packing – whether on the Supreme Court or in the federal judiciary, the Unrig the Courts initiative hopes to manipulate the narrative to build popular support even as it lobbies the President and Congress.

Mr. Biden has alarmed many on both sides of the aisle by moving to create a bipartisan commission to study “judicial reforms.”

Former-President Trump appointed 226 federal judges to the bench, including three US Supreme Court justices, during his four years in office. This is one shy of the 55 appointments former-President Obama appointed over his eight years in office.

Nevertheless, the far-Left ignores Mr. Obama’s court packing to focus on the return to balance in the federal judiciary, which the neo-Progressives sees as an imbalance in that they are not the majority.

“As you know, Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell basically did nothing else for the last four years besides transform the federal judiciary into an arm of the Republican Party,” Meagan Hatcher-Mays, director of democracy policy at Indivisible, told reporters. “Most reasonable people agree that’s bad, which is why we founded the Unrig the Courts coalition with our partners.”

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But, Carrie Severino, president of the Judicial Crisis Network, told reporters the Unrig the Courts coalition is “a coordinated effort by Left-wing dark money groups to convert the Supreme Court into a rubber stamp for their radical policy agendas.”

While the Clinton-connected Demand Justice group doesn’t publicly identify its donors, an examination of their finances revealed that the group received millions from George Soros around the time of its inception.

Additionally, Fallon pitched the creation of Demand Justice at a secretive gathering of the Democracy Alliance donor network in 2018. The Democracy Alliance was cofounded by Soros.

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