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Watch out McDonalds: SCOTUS Rules Companies Can be Responsible for Deaths of Kids Harmed by Products


The Supreme Court ruled that a firearm company can be sued by families for the deaths of children killed in mass shootings.

According to the Supreme Court, and after the formal rejection of the formal appeal from Remington, family member who lost children during the Sandy Hook mass shooting in Connecticut will be allowed to pursue a liability lawsuit against the oldest gun manufacturer in the country.

The ruling is largely due to the fact that the weapon used to execute the mass shooting of 2012 was a AR-15 style rifle.

The decision made this Tuesday in the Supreme Court will allow the families of those who fall victim to gun violence to sue the manufacturers of the weapon, and will have major implications on the future of the gun industry in particular, but maybe soon we will equally be able to hold companies like McDonalds liable for all of the obesity related deaths.

There were no comments offered by any of the Supreme Court Justices on why they rejected Remington’s appeal.

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This all began in November of 2017 when the family members of Sandy Hook filed suit against Remington. The Remington Gun manufacturer was backed by nine other states, many Connecticut gun groups and organizations, the NRA, many Second Amendment law professors, and 22 members of Congress.

The allegation posed that the gun manufacturer be held responsible because the marketing specifically targets “vulnerable young men,” accord to Vice.

Despite the overwhelming support for Remington their ultimate loss on the appeal process with change the manufacturing of gun, and weapons in a quick and negative way in the eyes of those in favor of the Second Amendment.


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