Big Pharma Employees Creating COVID-19 Drugs Overwhelmingly Donate to Biden, Democrats

According to a noted industry publication, Big Pharma money is not backing the Republican candidate, as is traditionally the case. This election cycle pharmaceutical money is favoring the Democrat. Kaiser […]

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WHO Flip-Flops Again, Now Says COVID-19 Lockdowns Are Bad

In a flip-flop of monumental proportions, the World Health Organization’s special envoy on COVID-19 is urging world leaders not to use lockdowns as the chief weapon against the virus. David […]

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COVIDpocalypse: Microsoft Green Lights Permanent Telecommuting For It's Employees

Microsoft has announced that much of its staff may opt to work from home or telecommute permanently, subject to manager approval, in a move that signals a major shift in […]

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Over 4,000 Doctors And 40,000 Signatories Demand 'End COVID Restrictions'

Over 4,000 medical professionals, including epidemiologists, doctors, and public health officials from around the world, have signed a declaration urging “focused protection” of the vulnerable and building herd immunity. In […]

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