SECRET AUDIO: Arizona Republican Claims Maricopa County Auditors Should Be Jailed, GOP Is 'Disgusting'


Arizona Congressional Candidate Alex Stovall was caught on camera telling Project Veritas that the Republican Party is “disgusting” to him.

Exposed on camera by Project Veritas, Alex Stovall said “The McCarthys, the Cawthorns, the whole audit bull crap thing that they’re doing. It’s just another way to funnel money from the American people. Do you know how much money they’ve raised from this audit? Over $10 million.”

Stovall told the insider “The stuff they’re doing, it should be criminal and they should all be thrown in prison.”

In a CPAC 2021 interview with RSBN, Stovall said “I try and tell people that they audit is paramount… Once the audit is done, and truth will come to light, we can make those corrections and make sure it never happens again.”

It is unclear how Stovall meant to tie Kevin McCarthy to those conducting the audit. McCarthy, while depicting himself as an ally of President Donald Trump and his agenda, was actively raising money for those who voted to impeach the 45th President as recently as September.

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Stovall even went as far as to mock Candace Owens and her donors, the same people that donated to his congressional campaign. “No, I don’t have respect for Candace Owens anymore. Will I take her [Candace Owens] donation and take her donors? Absolutely, but it goes no further than that. I would never invite her [Candace Owens] to a Christmas party.”

Hours after being exposed, Alex Stovall locked his social media accounts from public access.

Would you vote for a Republican who doesn't support auditing the 2020 election?

Stovall’s social media has since been unlocked and he tweeted “I will be giving a statement tomorrow about the allegations brought up by Project Veritas.”

“I will also do an exposé on all the people I mentioned in my video,” going on to name specifically Arizona GOP Chair Kelli Ward and pundit Candace Owens.

Alex Stovall was approached by James Lalino, a journalist for Project Veritas, where he was asked to provide comment to James O’Keefe over the phone regarding the video.

Stovall refused, telling O’Keefe that “We’ll talk later, James.”

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