Police Investigate After Teens in Gorilla Costumes Steal BLM Sign, Make Ape Noises, and Pound on Steps


A family in St. Louis Park, Minnesota had a Black Lives Matter sign removed from their front lawn by a group of teenagers dressed in gorilla costumes who reportedly pounded on the home’s front steps and made ape-like noises.

Bridget and Sam Ginnis called 911 after local miscreants pulled off a prank involving the family’s proudly displayed Black Lives Matter yard sign while dressed in costumes that the family believes may have racial implications.

“We put the sign up because we’re trying to start a conversation, we’re trying to educate ourselves as white parents trying to raise great and friendly, responsible white kids,” Bridget Ginnis told local media.

The conversation started by the Ginnis family did not end as they had planned, however. Shortly before 9 pm.m. on Sunday September 9, a group of teenagers showed up on Ginnis’ front lawn, three of them dressed in gorilla costumes.

“I could see three, looked like teenage kids in full ape costumes,” Bridget Ginnis recalled. “One was holding up a Black Lives Matter sign. They were all making ape noises, and kids were mimicking ape movements and pounding on the front steps.”

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The teens took the family’s Black Lives Matter sign up to the family’s front door and waved it around, and dunked a basketball through a hoop located in the driveway before leaving the premises when the homeowners came to the door.

Sam Ginnis believes the incident may have been a “blatantly racist act,” but is ultimately unsure.

“Worst case scenario, it was a blatantly racist act, uh, best case scenario, they’re just so sheltered from the world that they don’t understand, and I think there’s problem with both scenarios,” Sam Ginnis said.

Bridget Ginnis added that “this isn’t okay, for kids to think this is a prank.”

Police are reportedly investigating the incident, but believe it was random in nature.


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