FAKE NEWS: Washington Post Falsely Claims Proud Boys Leader Was Arrested With 'Firearms Magazine' - Proud Boys


As previously reported by National File, Proud Boys Chairman Enrique Tarrio was tailed from the airport and subsequently arrested for destruction of private property charges being perused by the Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church. Although not included in the list of charges, Washington Post has released a statement claiming Enrique Tarrio was in possession of a firearm magazine.

The Washington Post falsely reported, ”Police said Tarrio, who was in custody Monday evening, also was charged with two counts of possession of high capacity ammunition feeding devices, which is a legal term for a firearms magazine that allows guns to hold additional bullets. The devices were found during the arrest, police said.”

National File spoke to Proud Boys Member Joe Biggs, who told National File the police report has no mention of the alleged “high capacity ammunition feeding devices,” and that this claim by the Washington Post is a fabrication.

“The charges against Enrique are BS. The left have destroyed our property for years and no police have ever helped. This is an atrocity and an American embarrassment.”

“Enrique is a patriot and hero,” Biggs continued. “Left wing politicians have called for us to be attacked in public. We have been stalked, driven over and even assassinated without getting any justice for us. This marks the death of a once great nation. This week America died”

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Biggs added, “the magazine is not even mentioned in [Tarrio’s] police report even though it is published by Washington Post.”

According to Biggs there will be a court hearing tomorrow morning before the scheduled Trump rally in Washington DC.

This is a breaking news story and National File may provide updates as more information becomes available.

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