BREAKING: Fuentes Says He Learned of 'No Fly List' after TSA Refused to Let Him Board Two Separate Flights


America First commentator Nick Fuentes revealed that he learnt he was on a No Fly List after the TSA refused to let him board two separate flights to Florida.

National File reported on Tuesday that Fuentes, the host of popular conservative online show America First, revealed that he was placed on a No Fly List when he attempted to fly down to Florida to attend a press conference to address legislation that is currently going through the state’s legislature to address Big Tech censorship:

“So I’m on my way to a press conference to discuss how I’ve been banned from nearly all social media and tech services, and then I find out that I can’t even get there because I’ve been put on a no-fly list,” Fuentes said in a tweet. “This is overt political persecution. America is not a free country.” In a further statement, he said that since attending Trump’s rally on January 6th, he has been banned from AirBnB, Facebook, Instagram, DLive, and Coinbase, banned from every payment processor, and had a bank account frozen, with the no-fly list being just the latest in this long list. “I haven’t even done anything wrong!” he added.

A number of online commentators had cast aspersions on Fuentes, and questioned whether he had actually been placed on a No Fly List or not, with some suggesting that he was lying about what had happened, and had simply not been allowed on to a certain airline, due to having been previously removed for refusing to put on a face mask.

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However, Fuentes revealed in more detail exactly what happened to him when speaking on his show and also to Alex Jones of InfoWars. Fuentes told Jones that he had been unable to check in online for his flight two to three days previously, and had also been warned by fellow America First conservatives Lauren Witzke and Vince James that they had been subject to advance screening when they arrived at the airport. When he was there, he was rejected from two separate airlines – each time he was cleared by the security of the airlines themselves, but rejected by the TSA.

Fuentes said that the TSA told him he should make a redress claim for what had happened, which in practical terms, means that he is on a No Fly List. “They don’t give you a warning or send a letter, you don’t find out until you’re there,” Fuentes said. The America First commentator noted that the woman checking him was in fact sympathetic, saying that she thought “this woke stuff is out of control.”

“Now it seems I’m being punished by the federal government,” Fuentes said. “I’m being punished and persecuted for merely attending a political protest,” he added, noting that he was not even inside the Capitol Building on January 6th. Many conservative commentators have stood by Fuentes for what seems to be state political persecution in action. “We are all Nick Fuentes now,” said Alex Jones of InfoWars. Fuentes also began trending on Twitter after he was added to the No Fly List.

You can watch Fuentes’s full interview with Alex Jones below:

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