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New York DA to Drop Set of Charges Against Andrew Cuomo After Monday Meeting with Alleged Victim

'She had no authority or voice in those decisions,' Commisso's attorney Brian Premo told The Times Union about the charges against Cuomo.
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Suspect in Fox News Christmas Tree Arson Now on the Run After Being Set Free Without Bail: Report

The man who allegedly burned Fox News' Christmas tree in New York City is now on the run from police after breaking his release terms.
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Cost of an Open Border: MO Man Dies After Being Struck by Allegedly Drunk Migrant Driving 110 MPH

An open border clearly is leading to the needless deaths of Americans: Finish the wall and restore the 'remain in Mexico' policy permanately.
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Outrage As Sick Leftist Attacks John Madden's Legacy Mere Hours After His Death

After facing a backlash over his outrageous remarks about the football icon, the Texas professor locked his Twitter account.
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