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Revolting: $8 Million NIH-Funded Study Secretly 'Recruited' Teen Boys, Paid Them to Document Gay Sex Life

Parents were kept in the dark as the National Institutes of Health spent $8 million researching the sex habits of underage teen males.
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FDA's Blockade: Feds Try to Withhold 55,000 Pages on Vaccine from Public Despite Court Order

It appears that the FDA and Pfizer want to put the brakes on a judge's order that would give the American people information on the vaccine.
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It's Not Just Congress: GOP Poll Shows How Badly Biden Is Dragging Dems Down in State-Level Races

Midterm elections are rarely good for the party in the White House. But President Joe Biden's performance is hurting Dems far outside DC.
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Following Biden's Lead, More Democrats Begin Spreading Fears 2022 Midterms Could Be 'Illegitimate'

'I think many of these laws, especially those that end the bipartisan counting of votes, are intended to seat people who lost the election.'
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Arizona Sues Biden Admin After They Threaten State Over Funding For Schools Without Mask Mandates

The Treasury Department wants COVID funding back from Arizona because the state is sending money to districts that don't have mask mandates.
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IRS No Longer Interested in Your Money Alone, Will Soon Require You to Submit Biometric Data to Access Account

The IRS will soon require Americans to submit a video for facial recognition purposes to access their accounts.
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