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Cullen McCue is a 24-years-old conservative who was born in Havertown, PA and now live in Philadelphia. He started Reality Circuit in August, 2017, which provides an alternative to left-wing sports outlets.

VIDEO: Bodycam Footage Shows Traffic Stop Of NBC Employee Who Followed Kyle Rittenhouse Jury

The Kenosha Police Department has released bodycam footage showing the traffic stop of James Joseph Morrison, an NBC News employee who followed a bus containing the Kyle Rittenhouse jury. Morrison […]

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Philadelphia Democrat Says Teens Accused Of Brutal Anti-Asian Assault Were Trying To 'Address Racial Bias'

A Philadelphia city councilmember appeared to defend the actions of four black girls who were charged with aggravated assault and ethnic intimidation after a brutal assault on an Asian woman. […]

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Biden's Infrastructure Bill Will Require Automobile Manufacturers To Include 'Kill Switch' For New Vehicles

Biden’s “build back better” legislation contains what amounts to a “vehicle kill switch” requirement for automobile manufacturers. The proposal is being marketed to legislators as a safety measure that would […]

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Security Guard Shot And Killed While Protecting Bay Area News Crew That Was Covering Rampant, Organized Retail Theft

A security guard was shot and killed in Oakland while protecting a local news crew over the weekend. Kevin Nishita, a former police officer who was working as an armed […]

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VIDEO: Biden Stresses Vaccines In Response To Omicron Variant Despite First Four Cases Being Recorded In Vaccinated Individuals

President Biden discussed the emergence of the new “Omicron” COVID variant that was first detected in southern Africa. The President moved to restrict travel from a handful of African nations […]

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Dark Winter: Pennsylvania Energy Prices Will Spike Up To 50% This December

Electricity prices are set to rise upwards of 50% in some areas of Pennsylvania as winter looms. Starting on December 1, eight Pennsylvania electric utilities are set to raise prices. […]

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