About National File

National File is a bold new media project focused on hard news regarding cultural movements, political issues, the tech industry, and other topics pertaining to the New Right.

Our team includes distinguished journalists with previous experience at Breitbart, The Daily Caller, Free Beacon, The Gateway Pundit, GameRanx, One Angry Gamer, and Big League Politics.

All articles published by National File are true and factual. Our publication generally reports hard news. Any opinion journalism is categorized under our opinion section.

National File receives its funding by selling advertisements on the National File website, using top industry ad networks, by direct sales of our ads, and from email newsletters. National File is owned by Flyover Media, L.L.C, whose principal is Tom Pappert, Editor-in-Chief of National File.

National File Editorial Team

Tom Pappert – Tom Pappert gained his interest in politics and political journalism as a teenager during the Republican primaries in 2011 as a supporter of Dr. Ron Paul. In 2015, Pappert began a viral Facebook page supporting President Donald Trump.

By 2020, his Facebook page had been deleted and reinstated by the platform six times. This led Pappert to begin writing for various publications in 2018, tracking the moves made by big tech platforms. Prior to launching National File, Pappert’s work has been featured in Breitbart, Big League Politics, and Infowars.

He has been featured on prominent local radio shows, as well as The Alex Jones Show, War Room, and The David Knight Show.

Twitter: @realGETrump

Gabriel Keane – Gabriel Keane is a social media critic best known for viral content, and a reporter who began working in political news in 2017. Earlier in life, Keane gained an interest in social commentary through listening to talk radio. Keane’s work has been featured on Infowars, and covered by The Alex Jones Show.

National File Reporters

Patrick Howley, Senior Reporter (Twitter: @HowleyReporter)
Lionel Du Cain, Reporter (Twitter: @OrwellNGoode)
Jack Hadfield, Reporter (Twitter: @JackHadders)
Kim Coulter, Reporter (Twitter: @CoulterCulture)
Frankie Stockes, Reporter (Twitter: @Stockes76)